Acceleration Program

Our expertise is helping real estate wholesalers and flippers go from solo operators in their businesses to building legitimate businesses that bring them personal and financial freedom. 

We help our clients master advanced marketing strategies, sales processes that allow to close more deals with higher profit margins, and implement systems & processes that allow for the business owner to build a team and replace themselves in the front line operations seats of the business. 

1. Marketing Optimization
Marketing is the lifeblood of a business. If we don’t have a reliable marketing method that brings in a predictable flow of motivated seller leads each day, it’s impossible to scale. Which is why this is the first area of the business we optimize with our clients. We utilize what we call the Flywheel Method™, which uses a combination of inbound marketing channels that get motivated sellers coming TO US, and outbound marketing channels that provide targeted control of our daily lead volume. 

2. Dual Follow Up
In a healthy business, 30% (or more) of deals should come through follow up. Because of this, we help clients install a dual follow up system into their business that has two key components: First is automated follow up sequences that run automatically behind the scenes without the client having to lift a finger. The second component involves helping the client hire and onboard a lead manager whose primary responsibility is accounting for each lead that comes into the business and aggressively following up with any lead that does not book an appointment or sign a contract. 

3. Sales Process 
The only way we are able to get to a place in business where we can remove ourselves from the operations seats is if we have documented processes in place. At this stage, we optimize the sales processes of the business to maximize conversion rates and maximize the average profit per deal. Another key focus in this stage is adding in other exit strategies, like Novations & Subject To, so that we are able to capitalize on deals that do not work as a wholesale deal. 

4. Scaling Sequence
In order for the business owner to move from the operator to the CEO, they have to be able to build a high performance team to replace themselves in the operations positions of the business. In this stage we walk clients through a step by step process of hiring each necessary team member until the front line operations seats are all hired out. Now the business owner has the ability to truly scale, because they have, for the most part, removed the biggest bottleneck in the operations of the business - themselves. 

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